Solid Wood Flooring

For many years Solid Wood Floors have been the assurance of a solid structure with quality that adds value to your home or property along with easy maintenance.

As a natural product, Solid Wood is subject to structural dimensional changes due to Moisture and humidity and so Solid Wood Floors need to be floor acclimatized prior to any installation.

As the norm, every board will be made from a single piece of milled timber, with a tongue and groove joint on the ends as well as the long sides.

Each installation is different and is best assessed by a skilled floor layer so we normally recommend that all Solid Wood floors are installed by an experienced/qualified floor layer.

Buy Solid Wood Flooring Online

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What is Solid Wood Flooring

Now solid wood floors have been around for hundreds of years, psychologically solid wood floors will give you the assurance of a solid structure by consumers as being the better of the two wood floor structures and the reason for this is because it is solid in structure.

Each board is made from a single piece of timber, usually with a tongue and groove joint, on the ends as well as the long sides.

In principle, these floors should be fitted by an experienced floor layer as wood is a natural product and is susceptible to dimensional changes due to moisture and humidity and as such, each installation should be professionally assessed with the floor acclimatised before installation commences.

When being installed quality solid wood floors must be fixed down to the sub-floor so when installing on a wood subfloor the planks must be secret nailed or screwed down and when installed to concrete subfloor the use of a liquid damp proof barriers must be applied and then the floor is stuck down with the appropriate wood floor adhesive.

Solid wood floors are not suitable for use in conservatories, rooms below ground level or rooms with underfloor heating as the solid wood planks are more susceptible to over-expansion due to humidity and moisture and can be very destructive.