Floor Restoration in Northamptonshire

The appreciation of older pre-installed hardwood wood flooring is growing to be it strips or parquet, with the cost of installing a new floor over refurbishing hardwood floors more of premium.

Today more and more homeowners and tenants are discovering real hardwood flooring solid old floorboards when pulling back an old carpet.


Refurbishing original floorboards is a great way to upcycle the original floorboards, having the right floorboards are important to attain the desired look and presence.

Houses built in the 19th century will more than most likely be oak unless replaced at a later stage, nearly all houses built pre WW2 (1900-1938) have quality floorboards that feel and look line oak but tend to be maritime pine which was generally passed off as oak by house builders of the time.

Generally, it is important to remember that floorboards were never meant to be used as an aesthetical looking floor but structural with a form of covering like carpet or large rug.

It is more than likely that over the years with the introduction of central heating and modern electrics that floorboards are cut up to gain access, don’t be put off this can be rectified with either replacement or repair to individual boards to make the overall floor look good when refurbished.


After years of use and sometimes neglect parquet floors like Herringbone block or 5 Finger Mosaics suffer from graining due to wear and tear with blocks/fingers coming loose and gaps appearing in between individual blocks and panels, fear not this can be addressed.

Northamptonshire floors can make good what is described as normal wear and tear but re-adhering the loose blocks and fingers using modern materials.

As for the gaps (natural movement), this is addressed with the use of sawdust from the refurbishment of the parquet floor which can be mixed with a compound and applied in a process known as grouting.

Then having decorative/structural home improvements and there is an existing parquet floor there is a desire to extend the pattern where walls or chimney breast have been removed/moved and retain that beautiful parquet floor, this is not a problem.

Parquet floors can be infilled to match the original regardless of species or type of block, Northamptonshire Floors use parquet artisans who would apply their skills to blend-in and refurbish the entire floor and create a stunning looking parquet floor.


If your existing wood floor is looking worn and tired then Northamptonshire Floors offers you a quality wood floor refurbishment service carried out by skilled craftsmen using only brand leading products.

The housing market recognised that real wood floors increase the value and appeal of any home more than any other flooring surface because of its natural beauty. So why replace your tired looking wood floor and install new wood flooring when refurbishing your existing wood floor could be the economical option?

There is no quick answer or solution as to when you should refinish your real wood floor but we do advise that if you’re redecorating or renovating your home then refinishing and refurbishing your existing wood floors can prove to be very prudent.

By refurbishing an existing wood floor will enhance the appeal to potential buyers If you’re preparing to sell your home.

There are a number of big factors to refurbishing natural hardwood floors:

  1. (a) When maintained can last a lifetime
  2. (b) Adds to property values
  3. (c) Most preferred floor covering
  4. (d) Being porous means it is warm when it’s cold and cool when the weather is hot.
  5. (e) Easy to maintain
  6. (f) Can change the appearance using coloured stains
  7. (g) ECO-friendly
  8. (h) Natural not man-made

By refurbishing an existing hardwood floor it is the more eco-friendly option as all materials used are water-based and are low of VOC.

Northamptonshire Floors we will make good any minor blemishes and imperfections as part of our standard refurbishment service and should there be any major repair then we will advise you on the best solution so you make the best possible choice.

Our experienced consultants can help and advise you with all the refinishing options to ensure that the wood floor has a long-lasting beauty that is durable.

The Finish is the final step of any refurbishment of any wood floor be it real hardwood, parquet or original floor boards, Northamptonshire Floors offers the choice of natural oils and lacquers that are low in VOC and water-based from the industry’s leading woof finishing manufacturers.

Remember that by refurbishing your existing wood floor you open up many options, you can choose whether to stain the wood or keep it natural.
Our consultants will help you make the decision whatever the colour the price will remain the same be it stain or dye.

Refurbishment and Sanding Cost*

  • Sand & Lacquer service for existing wood floors which includes making good minor cosmetic imperfections
  • Sand & Oil service for existing wood floors which includes making good minor cosmetic imperfections
  • Sand, Lacquer/Oil & Dye/ Stain service for existing wood floors which includes making good minor cosmetic imperfections and applying dye or stain to match
  • Sand only service for floors where you wish to apply your own finish
  • Repair service for damaged wood floors or where floors need to be sourced to matched, priced on a bespoke basis